Gadsden Resident App – Gadsden West Melbourne

Stay Connected

At Gadsden, residents and owners can access details about their building, stay connected with the latest maintenance updates, and book a move-in times and barbecue amenities, all through the Gadsden Resident App.

To register for the Gadsden Resident App please follow the steps below. Alternatively, if you are having issues following the steps to register, contact the Building Manager here.

Step 1

Email the following details to

  • - Your full name
  • - Your apartment number
  • - Your email address
  • - Your mobile number
  • - And whether you are a tenant or an owner occupier

Step 2

Building Management will respond to your email and provide you with a personalised username and password to login to the app.

Step 3

To start using the Gadsden app, you have two convenient options:

Online Portal: Access the app through your web browser by visiting the provided portal link:

Mobile Device: For on the go convenience, download the Gadsden app on your mobile device via the links below:

Download for iPhone Download for Android

Step 4

Login with the credentials provided by Building Management.

Step 5

Select “UPDATE MY INFO” from the navigation menu and fill-in your details. When you have finished, click the ‘submit’ button to save your changes.